Wicked Nip Catnip Pillow

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"I once tried catnip but I didn't inhale!," catnip pillow. You know those young cats and some of the old cats too - have all tried catnip. Don't let them fool you! Some still like to play with it - and probably inhale it. But that's sort of the point...

4.25" x 4.25" larger size for kitty to roll on, play with and kick at!

Filled with 100% fresh and natural catnip! All hand-sewn in Maine, USA!

TIP: Want to keep your catnip fresh longer? After kitty catnip play, put the toy in a sealed plastic bag, and hide away for another day. Keep the catnip smell last longer and when you bring it out again - rotating toys, it keeps your kitties playtime new and engaging!

100% of the profits of each purchase helps support the sick, injured, and stray cats at Tree House Humane Society!