De-CAT-dent Donuts

Regular price $9.99

These donuts look good enough to eat! Yummy in your tummy! But please don't eat them! They are, in fact, handmade, felt cat toys...filled with organic catnip! (The good stuff.)

Your cat will love them! And let's face it - they will look pretty cute licking one of these. Totally Instagram worthy! Your friends will want to know where you got one! We have them both! Donut toys and cats waiting to be adopted into a loving home!

Toy Tip: After Play - Put Them Away! Not only does this keep kitty from ingesting parts of toys, it always keeps their toys new and exciting. Take turns rotating different toys to keep your cat happy, healthy, and engaged!

100% of the profits of each purchase helps support the sick, injured, and stray cats at Tree House Humane Society!