Sparkle Balls - Large Tuff Kitty Puff

Regular price $1.49

Introducing: TUFF KITTY PUFFS - The Safer Sparkle Ball!

In larger sizes and sewn tightly together, these sparkle balls are worth it! Made with your kitties safety in mind, they are harder to ingest. As with all toys - we still recommend that after play you put them away. (We all know how clever cats can be!)

Large 2" Size = 1 for $1.49 OR 4 for $4.99 

Check out our Medium size too!

100% of the profits of each purchase helps support the sick, injured, and stray cats at Tree House Humane Society!

Toy Tip: After Play - Put Them Away! Not only does this keep kitty from ingesting parts of toys, it always keeps their toys new and exciting. Take turns rotating different toys to keep your cat happy, healthy, and engaged!