Catnip Toys & Wine

Our catnip brings all the cats to the couch. That's right! It's fresh! Cute and different shapes that meet any cats play style and make cute cat pics. We even have catnip infused wine!

Toy Tip: After Play - Put Them Away! Not only does this keep kitty from ingesting parts of toys, it always keeps their toys new and exciting. Take turns rotating different toys to keep your cat happy, healthy, and engaged! 

100% of the profits from your purchase helps care for the sick, injured, and stray cats of Chicago!

Catnip Pizza Toy
Regular price $5.99
Leona's Catnip Pillow
Regular price $4.99
Catnip Tacos
Regular price $4.99
Kitty Kicker Catnip Lite!
Sale price $3.99 Regular price $5.99 Sale
Catnip Kitty Pillow
Regular price $3.99
Catnip Wine Toy
Regular price $6.99
Catnip Wine for Kitty Multi Pack
Regular price $14.99
Catnip Donut
Regular price $4.99
Wicked Nip Catnip Pillow
Regular price $6.49
Catnip Fishy
Regular price $2.99